How Much Do Local Richmond Painters Charge?

Green Spot Construction makes sure every quote is 100 % free.  This is a common practice for local Richmond painters, and professional painting companies all over Richmond, and the central Virginia area.

 If you are looking for the absolute lowest costs for house painters, and have a small, interior wallcovering project, still nothing beats a weekend, and friends who may charge you by the hour, or require payment in beer .

 While this DIY solution is about $200 per room (beer included, a professional painter typically has a minimum rate for small projects, like one room, which varies from square feet pricing to flat fee, feel free to ask what it is before your estimate.

Painting or Renovating a Home in the Greater Richmond Area?

Then you need a professional paint quote, from a top rated painting company. Green Spot Construction provides trustworthy and fair house painting estimates , normally within 24-48 hours of your request for a quote, which is great when you have small projects, or rush jobs.

Green Spot Construction can provide square foot painting prices to make an insurance company repair less stressful.  In addition, we offer a discount for veterans, seniors, or new homeowners. Speaking of additions, Green Spot Construction can help with kitchens, baths, or turn a home maintenance list /  honey do list, into your dream home.