The BEST One Coat Paint Job Money Can Buy!

The green spot blog is THE spot for questions and answers for a positive home improvement experience.  This week is for the ladies, (men, its ok.. read on). But this  article is a painter’s wife offering insights into the challenges surrounding one coat paint jobs.

My husband and I read Stephen Covey.  The Green Spot Construction business is built on one of Covey’s core principles… “Begin with the end in mind. ” Covey also penned, “life is difficult, and the sooner we recognize and accept this, the sooner we can be effective.”  It is with this quote in mind, I hope to shed some light on the white whale of walls… the unicorn of unknowing home improvers..  The One Coat Paint Job.

I decided that it was easier to start with an analogy.. Ladies… You walk into the nail salon.

The nail tech does the customary soak, clip, buff/sand, and without primer begins to apply the color you selected on the way in. Before you know it, one coat applied;  bing -bang – bong, you are hustled off to the drying area. As you inspect the result; brush marks, missed spots and no shine, are you happy with the result?

But yes, every DIY home improvement store in the US, and some of the TOP brands, like Behr, and Valspar, would have you to believe that two coats are completely unnecessary these days. Unfortunately, one coat paint, even the top brands, are designed to solve the same problems as drug store nail polish, and they sacrifice quality and perfection in the same ways.

My husband told me to spare everyone the technical details of paint weight, and acrylic vs latex and just say that one coat paint is thicker and leads to:

  • The spackle/ wall imperfections showing through;

  • Streakiness;

  • Loss of true color or light reflectivity

  • Drip marks from using what is basically colored KILZ, on perfectly nice walls.

On that note,  I decided its easier to tell the world the limited situations where one coat MIGHT actually work out:

  1. Doing your painting project with friends in Scott’s Addition or the Fan, and you did not pace your beer consumption during prep; or

  2. Re-painting an existing wall color that is in good condition;

  3. An interior room that has an Addams Family lighting scheme or decor;  or

  4. Ceilings;

  5. Any painted surface that you would actually paint with drug store nail polish;

  6. Re-painting crown moulding or trim in rarely used rooms.

The Finish Guys at Green Spot Construction LLC, take pains and pride in protecting and perfecting every residential painting project, including your distinctive home. We take care to get rid of lines, smudges and give you more durable, rich color that expresses your taste and sense of design.

So ladies, think of us next time you are in the nail salon and you ask for an accent nail, or custom design, do you ever ask for, a one coat paint job?

P.S. We don’t paint cars, but I checked with an automotive guy, a painter near me, and yep, two coats for best results.