Top 5 Ways to Raise the Value of Your RVA Home.

Most people consider making upgrades before putting their home on the market. Want to increase interest in your home, and increase its value? Realtors #1 tip to homeowners, PAINT!

 There are many ways to make your home a must see; and help you or your agent sell fast. Nothing says TOP DOLLAR, like a professional paint job.

 Everything about the condition of your home speaks to new buyers. Find out what your home could be saying!

Before Exterior Power Wash

After Power Wash

Patio Sealant Application

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Chester Exterior Painting

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1. Refresh Exterior Paint & Surfaces

Do this and your home says, “buy me.” More than any other step you can take to raise the value of your home, a fresh coat of exterior paint even trim in a current color will do it every time.  A fresh patio coating can show that you protect and preserve your property and make people want to see the inside. Green Spot Construction, LLC, professional painters can help get curb appeal, and get your home noticed!

Richmond Interior Painting

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Richmond interior painters

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2. Paint Interior Rooms

A clean, polished look in living areas like bedrooms or family rooms says, “live here!” Fresh paint and fixes that have “fallen through the cracks,’ over the year can easily make a valuable impression. Changing your child’s nursery to a neutral color can be worth thou$and$. Green Spot Construction,LLC has the color pallette that is hot for painting Richmond, VA homes down to a science.



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3. Making An Entrance Again – Paint Entryways
(with the usual flair) !

Your front door says, “come in,” the entry says,”Welcome Home!” to buyers.  A small investment in professional painting this area can include a new door, trim, or ceilings of the foyer for a wow factor, first thing. Green Spot Construction, LLC makes opening your doors to us a win – win.







4. Refresh Paint in Kitchens and Baths

New colors instead of dated finishes say, “my lifestyle fits this house,” Next to neighborhood, kitchens and baths – SELL HOMES. Painting cabinets, closets, or shelving can give them new life. A custom finish for the bath; new backsplashes; or easy to clean surfaces can be beautiful, cost effective, but tricky for DIYers.

 5. Remove, Repair, and Replace type Upgrades

That chipped piece of molding, says, “sell me cheap!” replacing missing caulk and removing old fixtures or  wallpaper are all rock solid ways to make your home say “value,” instead.

Book a Free Estimate and let our professional painters increase the value of your home in Henrico; Chesterfield and Richmond!