BUILD: Important Things to Remember When Banks Say No to Your Business..

This article shares hard won lessons from the owner of Green Spot Construction, LLC about growing a small business.

BANKS- Are not a match for every business. Borrow from your personal and professional network first. Letting people know you are in business is hard. Letting people know that you are growing your business can be even harder. Friend, family, and colleagues who…

UNDERSTAND your goals, and the importance of something relatively small – like a new ladder rack, or upgraded license, would be stoked to support you if they knew an amount like $25, would be…

IMPACTFUL – Access to capital can be critical at certain stages of a business. KIVA makes Zero percent interest microloans available to small businesses, a powerful way to get over the difficulty finding …

LENDERS who make loans based on character as opposed to credit. KIVA lenders are good people, helping good people, build business credit which can take a minimum of two years to build. But there are lots of other reasons to become a KIVA lender. Here at Green Spot Construction, we want to….

DO all we can to say THANK YOU to Kiva lenders and lending groups taking ACTION to keep small businesses growing in communities! A special thank you to

  • Church networks like St Michael’s Church in Sutton’s Bay, who have been lending to small businesses since 2009 because as a parish they, “want to share our good fortune with others.”

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual Friends who lend as a group since 2008 because: “We are out and proud and know what it is like to face barriers. We are delighted to help our entrepreneurs achieve their own equality. “

  • Amigos Lending Weltweit quotes noble words in describing why they have lent to 31 total strangers with high aspirations: “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” Sir Edmund Burke

  • Over 2000 Friends of Bob Harris find that being lenders that help start-ups and small businesses globally through KIVA, gives them a “greater sense of connection to the world.”

Be a part of the Green Spot Constuction LLC success story! Become a $25 lender in our professional and family network ! Thanks to all those who have already shared your powerful reason for helping microlending to catch on!