Home is Where the Health Problems Are: A Message About Healthy Homes and Buildings

After completing a successful crowdfunding campaign on KIVA to grow Green Spot Construction, LLC and share our healthy homes message; this article shares the TOP 3 WAYS we demonstrate our on-going passion and commitment to healthy homes & buildings!

People may have heard of “sick building syndrome” which causes abseenteeism in the workplace, but our homes can make us sick as well. Further lack of attention to railings, steps, kitchens and baths that need updating or repairs can result in injuries, or illness; and needless money being spent on medical bills. Green Spot Construction LLC helps to prevent any of this from occuring. We proactively:

1. Use Green Materials – Asthma, and other “breathing” illnesses are made worse by exposure to toxic construction materials. Children are particularly challenged by lead, or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in affordable housing stock. Older homes while more affordable, often compound problems with: pests which require chemicals to control; windows in poor condition, or inefficient ventilation systems.

2. Promote Energy Efficiency – People with limited incomes can cut corners on things like healthy foods, medications, or health visits because utility costs suck up resources in an inefficient home. We recommend changes that seal your home from the weather and outside, or improve the structure and help keep a from interfering with the ability to meet basic needs.

3. Save Our Clients Money Preventing Accidents, Injuries, and Illness – We direct people to resources like this video about home and health; People who may have lived in the same home for decades, or those with a new baby, may have questions about the most suitable changes they can make to their home. Our green professionals work with home builders to help plan, and build affordable healthy housing in low income neighborhoods! Or we simply explain what we find in your home, in terms of the likelihood of an accident, injury, or illness.

It is our commitment to help create green and healthy homes, we aldo work hard to:

  1. Ensure fast response times to requests for FREE ESTIMATES!
  2. Hire local craftsmen and professional painters, who do it right the first time!
  3. Train knowledgeable staff who provide information to help customers make informed decisions.
  4. Take care of our community, and satisfy our clients, with quick, courteous responses to concerns, or issues should they arise during home improvement projects.
  5. DELIVER the healthy home message – Thanks to the help of community/civic groups, professional associations; government agencies, and most of all our KIVA Lenders!

Call us to schedule a free estimate for your home or building improvement.

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