Homeowners Who Get the Best Price on Residential Painting Know..

When it comes to the costs of hiring a professional painter in Richmond, or the surrounding area the average price to paint a room is not all you need to know… This weeks blog describes tips that save money for frugal homeowners.

Furniture Moving Fees

 At Green Spot Construction, LLC our Professional Painters are happy to assist you to prepare the area to be improved or painted.  Our painters will:

1. Move furniture that is against walls

2. Remove large art or mirrors on the walls
3. Clear of shelves or mantles to be painted.

However, if your budget is tight, or you have energetic kids, Why not save a few bucks? A “DIY” mode, or phase 1 of your home improvement, is one way to get everyone involved in taking care of things.

Changes or modifications

Sometimes the color that has been chosen simply won’t do for the room’s purpose; or does not match with furnishings or other decor as hoped. You know what? Its also o.k. to change your mind. However, changes typically affect the cost of a project significantly after the project has started. Our full service painters do a thorough estimate, and help you develop a solid project cost, or even a home maintenance plan for the next 2 years. We also offer a turnkey guarantee, and do all the work for one AGREED UPON cost.

Want to know if you are likely to change your mind mid-project? Find out your home improver style. TAKE OUR QUIZ!!


We offer discounts for seniors, military, and $20 off if you upload before pics on our Google + Community.