What to Expect When You Are Expecting a Home Improvement!

(4 minute read) Stress seem to come with the territory when it comes to renovations. Here are strategies to minimize home improvement trauma or contractor drama from T. Kay Duncan, BCMT, a stress treatment specialist in Richmond VA; and contributor to the Green Spot Construction, LLC Paint Science Blog.

If you are reading this then you are probably thinking about a home improvement project. Or worse… Maybe you are STRESSING about a project that began, and did not go as expected. It’s no secret. Home improvements are stressful. Why?

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According to Green Spot Construction, Richmond, VA Home Improvement Contractor, Ty Duncan, “Basically, it’s not knowing what to expect.”Not getting what you expected from a professional paint project isn’t like a pair of slacks that don’t fit right that can be returned.

The good news is, Green Spot Construction experts have told us:


2.  WHAT TO EXPECT;  and

3. HOW TO TELL IF YOU NEED A HOME IMPROVEMENT HERO; or are simply experiencing unfortunate, but normal delays.

Consider, the Timing–  We review your design ideas and discuss your product selections or needs, during our FREE ESTIMATE. Take the time to share your work or family schedules – as your contractor may need to adjust theirs; due to weather, sourcing of materials, or unforeseen problems. Being available for your home improvement is important; as contractors we need to take measurements, even if you do. We aim to reduce surprises during your home improvement.

What to Expect:  Plan on communicating with our project manager on a daily basis, or having a trusted realtor if you are preparing your home for sale. For large or complex jobs, a contractor may need to return to the property a week or two before starting the work to inspect, or obtain more detailed information to guide permitting. Once work is started, completion times vary. Expect a day or two of dropcloths for a professional paint job in a bathroom or a small room;  a week on a full interior; two weeks or more on remodeling an existing kitchen.

Did Your Contractor Abandon Your Project?

You need a Green Spot Construction Home Improvement hero:  If your bathroom looks like this and you have not talked to your contractor in a week.

Consider, the Costs – It is NOT a good idea to go with the cheapest company or guy. In terms of value, you get what you pay for. A botched home improvement can be expensive, and even create relationship trouble. The costs of home improvement is a huge part of all the planning you did – before you called a contractor. One that does not stick to the budget may not be such a bargain. If your contractor changes the cost of the project, even one penny without a thorough explanation of the increased costs, and a written agreement. Be wary.

What to Expect: Think of improving your home like planning for a birth; and your vision for an inspiring, comfortable space, as the “baby.” Now, imagine some guys from in front of Lowe’s, showing up to the delivery room after you have decided on the doctor to deliver the baby. Get the low budget picture? It IS a good idea to have 15% extra in the budget for forgotten items you really want or need; like custom drawer pulls, or the cost of delivered meals while the kitchen is out of service.

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 You need a Green Spot Construction Home Improvement hero if:  You went with the cheapest guy, day laborers, or a one coat paint job.

Even with a good contractor. Murphy’s Law can cause unanticipated delays. 

Consider Murphy’s law: It can reduce the stress of strangers in your home or life, to be flexible about temporary changes to your home’s structure, and routine. Reality TV would have today’s homeowners and home-buyers to believe that home renovation is simple as:

Desire + design +  investment = 100% satisfaction

What to Expect: Summer rains and winter snows happen. Suppliers go out of business after you choose their product. Home contain toxins that were considered safe years ago. While a certain amount of project drama or trauma makes for good TV, unfortunately, things happen, even to honest and hard-working contractors with a solid reputation. To minimize stress and anxiety, be prepared to make decisions quickly; and to think about compromises like durability vs economical options; eco-friendly vs high end aesthetics.

 You need a Green Spot Construction Home Improvement hero if:

Desire + design+ contractor + investment + emotion + murphy’s law = nightmares

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